At our clinics we understand that our role is to get you back to functioning and doing the things you like to do! Since our inception we have performed this for more than two thousand people and they have shared their enthusiasm with us. In the waiting room of each clinic is a large book titled "Success Stories" in which clients have written testimonials about our services. We are very proud of these Success Stories; after all, this is what we are here for.

The following are some examples of the accounts from local people, just like you, that we have helped.

"When I came to Accelerated I was having muscle pain all over my back, along with pain down both legs. Now I am able to do the things I normally love to do, like work in the yard, hold my Grandson and return to work."

David S.

"When I first came to therapy I couldn't lift my right arm. It was very difficult to drive, and I couldn't pick up my little girl. Now I am able to get things out of cabinets, lift my arm over my head and, best of all, I am now able to lift my Daughter. Thank you Accelerated Physical Therapy."

Attienne M.

"When I came in I was having bad headaches. I could not sleep but about an hour at a time. I was having problems driving due to having to turn my head, and sitting at a computer was very painful. Now I no longer have headaches, I sleep all night long, driving is no longer a problem and I can sit at my computer at work without pain."

Ruth B.

"When I came to Accelerated Therapy I was in pain and I thought to myself, 'this stuff isn't going to work'. But now I can do my work without pain now and have no problem. The people at this therapy clinic are so nice."

Brian C.

"When I first started my therapy I was in tremendous pain. I couldn't walk for very long, cleaning house was un-thought of and the pain was so great I couldn't sleep at night. My husband had to do all of the house chores and grocery shopping. Thank God for the staff here at Accelerated Therapy and everything they have done for me. I can do all of the above and even carry my great grandchildren. I have grown so close to everyone here. I will miss therapy now that it is over."

Dorothy F.

"I hurt my back and couldn't do anything. Since I took therapy I can do everything I want to. I can walk long distances, get out of chairs without hurting, stand up straight instead of being all bent over. I feel wonderful. I can even dance again. I have no pain in my back at all. This is a wonderful place."

Ellanor O.

"When I started the rotator cuff rehab I was a one arm man in a two arm world. I was frustrated by the things I couldn't do with my dominant arm. The progress was steady and now I am hitting tennis balls and just played in a tennis tournament."

John M.

"When I first started with Accelerated the pain was excruciating! The pain was in my extreme lower back and down both legs. Walking was painful beyond belief, standing more than 5 minutes was horrible and lifting heavy objects impossible. But thank God! After my sessions here, not only can I do all that and play with my 5 year old and 17 month old Daughters, everyone notices a difference too. Thanks to all of you!"

James T.

"Before arriving for therapy at Accelerated It was not possible to hold a book at eye level due to severe pain in my neck, shoulders and arms. The neck pain is now gone and I have no limitations. You guys do a wonderful job."

Mavis N.

"When I started treatment here I did not expect therapy to heal my back and legs. Was I wrong! I cannot thank the staff enough! Their treatments, kindness and friendly ways were great. I highly recommend Accelerated Physical Therapy and staff. Many thanks for healing my physical problems. God Bless all of you!"

Beryl F.

"I shattered my leg and my surgeon said I might not walk again. I was in a wheel chair when I first came in and now I am back on my feet. I came to the best place for my recovery."

Matthew C.

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